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  • Can I contact my child while at camp, can I come and visit?"
    Letters and notes left with staff at check-in are a super way to stay connected with your child during their week. Campers are encouraged to fully engage in camp life, so phone calls home or family visits are saved for extreme situations. However, if there is an urgent situation in which you need to contact your child directly please call our main number at 613-757-2869
  • What happens if my child gets ill?
    There is a dedicated medical support person on site and should there be an illness or injury, a parent or guardian will be contacted immediately.
  • My child has food allergies, can you cater to dietary limitations?"
    The Bonnechere kitchen staff strive to provide healthy, child friendly meals. A variety of foods are offered at each mealtime and although minor sensitivities can be accommodated within the set menu, we are unable to cater to all food allergies. Dietary needs and allergies should be identified at registration.
  • My child can’t swim. Is the lake deep? Is there a swim test?
    Round lake has a long shallow water entry, ideal for water play. Campers are only permitted to access the water under the supervision and discretion of a trained lifeguard, and always swim with a buddy.
  • Do we need to be Baptist to attend?
    The short answer is 'no.' BBC is open for all walks of life to attend. Bonnechere being 'Baptist' does not mean only 'Baptists' can it attend. What it does mean, however, is that the teachings and views expressed at BBC are those that align with the Baptist doctrine. BBC is connected to the North American Baptist Association and our views reflect those of the NAB. For more info, check out the NAB statements of faith. A link can be found in the 'About us' page. Most importantly all our views are centered firmly on biblical truth. Our chapels, devotions, songs, and even games are all meant to teach core biblical truths.
  • Will my child be in the same cabin as their friends?
    We do our best to accommodate cabin mate requests that are mutually agreeable.
  • What should my child bring to camp?
    Sleeping Bag/Bedding – Single Fitted Sheet Pillow Towels and Face Cloth Tooth Brush Bug Spray Sunscreen Swim Suit Jacket Running Shoes Water Shoes Bible Notebook No electronic devices permitted, including cell phones. Any cell phones brought to camp will be placed in safekeeping.
  • Does the camp rent?
    No. The origin of Bonnechere Baptist Camp can only be described as a blessing from God. Given to us and sustained by the sweat and prayers of many individuals whose only goal was to glorify God. As such the camp is to be used only for God's glory and not for financial gain. However, that does not mean that the camp is exclusive. The camp has been used in the past by groups and churches who seek God's glory as well. If you are a Christian organization that is interested in using Bonnechere solely for the purposes of glorifying God please email the camp at
  • If I make a donation can I receive a tax refundable receipt?
    Yes, just make sure to include your personal info like name and mailing address when you make your donation.
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