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Building Faith & Friendships

Our vision: Bonnechere Baptist Camp exists to guide individual campers, families, and staff in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Our mission: Bonnechere is an outreach ministry of the North American Baptist Church and operates as a non-profit organization specifically to meet the needs of youth and families while sharing the life-changing love of Jesus.

Our beliefs: Bonnechere Baptist Camp is owned and supported by First Baptist Church in Arnprior and Calvary Baptist Church in Killaloe which both are aligned with the North American Baptist (NAB) Denomination. The beliefs and teachings of Bonnechere Baptist Camp reflect those of NAB. For more information, please either visit the NAB website (link below) or contact us at




Our Location: The beautiful northern area of Round Lake. Located in Renfrew Country, the lake boasts a beautiful view, clear water, and beautiful beaches (some of which belong to the camp). The lake is perfect for water activities like swimming, canoeing and fishing. The lake itself contains lake trout, pike, and bass (small and large mouth), which makes a great game for family campers who have a valid fishing license. The area around the lake is beautiful too. The nearby villages of Round Lake Centre and Kilaloe make nice little pit stops. Also, if you haven't looked at Round Lake on Google Maps yet, the area is rural and contains lots of beautiful forests, all hand-grown by God. It is a beautifully crafted area that shows the creative genius of the one true God.

See Bonnechere Baptist Camp for yourself.

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