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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I contact my child while at camp, can I come and visit?


Letters and notes left with staff at check-in are a super way to stay connected with your child during their week. Campers are encouraged to fully engage in camp life, so phonecalls home or family visits are saved for extreme situations,  however, if there is an urgent situation in which you need to contact your child directly please call our main number at 613-757-2869


What happens if my child gets ill?


There is a dedicated medical support person on site and should there be an illness or injury, a parent or guardian will be contacted immediately.


My child has food allergies, can you cater to dietary limitations?


The Bonnechere kitchen staff strive to provide healthy, child friendly meals. A variety of foods are offered at each mealtime and although minor sensitivities can be accommodated within the set menu, we are unable to cater to all food allergies. Dietary needs and allergies should be identified at registration.


My child can’t swim. Is the lake deep? Is there a swim test?


Round lake has a long shallow water entry, ideal for water play. Campers are only permitted to access the water under the supervision and discretion of a trained lifeguard, and always swim with a buddy.


The name is Bonnechere Baptist Camp, do we need to be Baptist?


Bonnechere welcomes campers from all backgrounds and religious beliefs. Camp provides an inter-denominational Christian environment in which children can learn who Jesus is, what the Bible teaches, and how we can have a relationship with Him. We encourage campers to consider issues about life and faith through Biblical teaching, music, campfires, prayer, and evening devotions.


Will my child be in the same cabin as their friends?

We do our best to accommodate cabin mate requests that are mutually agreeable.


What should my child bring to camp?

  • Sleeping Bag/Bedding – Single Fitted Sheet

  • Pillow

  • Towels and Face Cloth

  • Tooth Brush

  • Bug Spray

  • Sunscreen

  • Swim Suit

  • Jacket

  • Running Shoes

  • Water Shoes

  • Bible

  • Notebook

  • No electronic devices permitted, including cell phones. Any cell phones brought to camp will be placed in safekeeping.

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